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Fort Mill Featured Member: Jodi Costanzo

Fort Mill Featured Member

Fort Mill Featured Member

Jodi Costanzo is a Senior Executive Sales Leader with Norwex. She has committed the last three years to making home and workplace environments safer by replacing toxic cleaners and harmful cleaning and personal care products with safe alternatives. A former school counselor and Mom of two little girls, Jodi is committed to helping others, and she is passionate about getting Norwex into places where children are around or using chemicals.

Norwex carries a unique line of home and personal care products that will allow you to radically reduce the chemicals you use in your cleaning and body products. FDA approved to remove up to 99% of contaminants from your counter tops, Norwex microfiber is your permanent replacement for paper towels and sprays and other cleaning wipes.

Norwex has many household and personal care cleaning solutions to help you have a cleaner, safer and less toxic home. Contact Jodi to learn more by calling (630) 450-0636 or visit her website:

Jodi Costanzo, Norwex Senior Executive Sales Leader for Norwex

Jodi Costanzo, Norwex Senior Executive Sales Leader


Fort Mill, SC Chapter of Women in Networking is accepting new members.

Fort Mill Chapter of Women in Networking is accepting new members.

Come meet us. Our chapter is accepting new members.

Whitney Daigle and Angela Meredith.

Angela Meredith (VP) and Whitney Daigle (P).

We are Whitney and Angela, the president and vice president of the Fort Mill chapter. We started and serve this chapter to network with amazing women in business like you.

We’d love to have you visit us. Our chapter meets every Wednesday morning from 9am-10am at Full Spectrum Brewery in Fort Mill, SC.(which serves coffee and tea too)

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We are a positively charged group of supportive women working for results in our businesses. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then come have a cup with us and see what we’re about!